The history of Macsalvors

In 1947 the Queen Elizabeth Class Warship H.M.S. Warspite sank off Prussia cove in Cornwall. Two Scotsman (With some assistance) Refloated the ship and beached her along the coast at St. Michael's Mount. It remains the largest salvage operation ever carried out in British waters a piece of the Warspite can be viewed at Macsalvors.

The Scotsmen (both "Macs") incorporated their trade (Salvors) into a new venture in 1957 and created Macsalvors. The company's early work was buying and selling Ministry of Defence surplus, dismantling and demolition work.

In 1962 they launched a plant hire business bringing a new crane hire service to the South West. Many important engineering feats would not have been completed without their services. The many projects that have been aided by Macsalvors include: The Earth Satellite Station at Goonhilly, The Power Station at Indian Queens, The widening of the Tamar Bridge and The World Famous Eden Project.

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In the 60's and 70's Macsalvors consolidated it's surplus business but with changes in the way the M.O.D disposed of its surplus meant Macsalvors had to change too. This change led to the introduction of new goods and a whole new side to the business was born.

Since this time Macsalvors has supplied goods all over the world and have sold: Cornish shovels to Australia, ship refuelling hose to Canada, electric generating plant to Africa and ships equipment to France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain (and the U.K. of course).

Our range of goods now includes: boat chandlery, building material, engineering supplies, hand and power tools, new and used office furniture, footwear, clothing and leisure products.

We also specialise in factory clearance.

So if you have a specific enquiry from a tea spoon to a 10 Ton (or Tonne) anchor or from a tube of glue to a 10,000 gallon fuel tank, E-Mail us on or visit our contacts page.

We look forward to being of service to you soon.

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