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In our gallery below we have pleasure in displaying a few pictures of some of the projects we have undertaken in the last few months as well as a few archive pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Factory clearance. We have over the years completed hundred of factory clearances, our most recent, a local pottery which sadly failed due to the falling demand for souvenir pottery. This image shows a clearance project completed in just 8 hours to make way for a new racking system to be installed. We have also undertaken clearances in factories producing fishing equipment, food products and heavy engineering to mention just a few. Often these clearances yield a wide range of products which are all competitively priced, ranging from access equipment to transportation tools, and engineering machinery to catering equipment.
Portable building being loaded at our yard. From time to time we have portable buildings, including containers for sale . In this image we see our 35 ton yard crane loading a portable office for one of our customers. We can provide loading and off loading facilities as well as transport services including wide and heavy loads. For the mining enthusiasts amongst you , to the rear of the picture you can see the East Pool mine engine which is located in the corner of our tank storage yard. The eagle eyed may also have spotted a Royal Navy Mark8 torpedo which is on display in our yard along with an experimental underwater observation chamber. The latter has now been replaced by a deep water diving bell which can be seen in the picture below.
Bulk polythene sheeting. Here we see a load of polythene sheeting awaiting loading for recycling in the Midlands. These huge polythene sheets were used to form a protective lining for bulk lorries during transportation. These liners were never used and became surplus to requirements , so we purchased them and found a new buyer. A classic case of recycling at its best.
Heavy mooring equipment in our yard at Redruth. You can see this picture is from our archives as we don't have snow very often down here. In the foreground you can see heavy mooring weights , whilst in the background you can see 2 rows of AM7 anchors each weighing 7 tonnes forming an archway.
Bulk storage tank being loaded. In this image you see an ex fuel storage tank being loaded for delivery to a customer in Reading. The tank is to be used as a rainwater interceptor and temporary holding tank in the event of flooding. We buy and sell a wide range of tanks in all shapes and sizes and all materials including Stainless steel, Plastic, fibreglass and steel. They have a wide range of uses , one was even converted to an underground bomb shelter!
Jumbo crane formerly belonging to the Royal Navy at Portsmouth was sold to a local customer for launching and recovering small boats at a quay nearby. Contrast this one with the crane in the next image from our hire fleet.
130 tonne capacity mobile crane from our modern mobile fleet. With a jib length of 300feet it is the largest mobile truck mounted crane in the South West.
Loading a 12 ton anchor. In the foreground you see a 12 ton anchor being loaded on to one of our heavy transport low loaders for onward delivery. The anchor formerly from the Navy's aircraft carrier Ark Royal is just one of a number of Navy anchors we have sold with a first rate pedigree, including the Royal yacht Britannia and the Royal Navy submarine HMS Resolution .In the background you can see our deep diving bell, which is complete with model diver , dials, gauges etc and in the new year we hope to have on display part of an underwater habitat complete with underwater toilet , though we have yet to find a model for this display!
Here we see 2 of our operatives loading a huge generating set for delivery to the dockyard at Southampton . This 12 cylinder monster capable of generating 550 Kilowatt of electricity is destined for a new life in Africa. We are well equipped for handling heavy items with a mobile crane fleet with a capacity of up to 130tonnes and heavy low loader facilities with a gross vehicle weight of 150 tonnes.

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