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2.44 Tonne AC14 Anchor or 2.75 Tonne avaialble
General Description:
2.44 Tonne Price 2075 plus vat

2.75 Tonne Price 2325 plus vat

2 Tonne Delta Anchors
General Description:
Four of these available. Price 2200 plus vat each.

Price for the four 8000 plus vat.

Large 3.25 Tonne Approx Bruce Anchors x 6
General Description:

2500 each plus vat

12000 plus vat for all 6

Triangular Ballast Weights
General Description:
Ballast weight in approx 20KG blocks used pig iron General description. We have over 100 tonnes of used triangular steel ballast, each piece measures approx 16" x 4" x 4" x 4"

12.67 each piece inc vat (Would weigh approx 18kg)

522 per tonne inc vat (Inc Pallet)

Ballast weight in approx 25KG blocks used pig iron
General Description:
We have over 100 tonnes of used pig iron ballast, each piece measures approx 240mm x 120mm x 130mm and is approx 25kg in weight.

13.20 each piece inc vat

450 per tonne inc vat (inc pallet)

Fisherman's Anchor
General Description:
Traditional anchor. Good in rocky and weedy areas. Poor weight to holding power. Can be folded flat for storage.

Grappling Hook
General Description:
Not really an anchor but will hold well when caught in wreckage. Good for catching lost pots and lines on the seabed.

Danforth Anchor
General Description:
Common anchor for small boats or as a secondary for larger boats. Pros, works well in soft seabeds, fairly easy to stow. Cons, not good in rocky or weedy areas, can be hard to break out in silty areas.

Folding Anchors
General Description:
Good choice for small crafts and Kayaks. Pros, good range of sizes, easy to stow, good holding on rocky areas. Cons, limited holding power in soft seabeds.

Claw Anchor
General Description:
Good holding power in most seabeds. Very common primary anchor. Pros, good size to weight holding, sets quickly and digs in well. Cons, Hard to stow.

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