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12'' Tractor Funnel
General Description:
Tractor Funnel.

Silverline Oil & Fluid Extractor Pump 4Ltr 104616
General Description:
Oil & Fluid Extractor Pump 4Ltr.

Whale Elegance Tap Range
General Description:
•Choice of single or mixer faucets •For use on pressure or microswitch systems •Ideal for tight spaces •Robust ABS construction •For use with all types of Whale galley pumps •Connects to Whale Quick Connect 15 mm pipework •Standard and extended spouts available •For use with all types of Whale pumps

Submersible and In-line Pumps
General Description:
Compact, quiet, lightweight designs suitable for stand alone use or with pressure switch and microswitch systems. 12 volt. Standard Pump (10.3 lpm / 2.4 amps / 0.6 Bar) • Simple, compact and an economical solution • Ideal for basic one outlet application Premium Pump (13.2 lpm / 3.6 amps / 1.0 Bar) • Reliable, general purpose and suitable for multiple outlets • Long life, very quiet with low power consumption • An inexpensive way to update a manual to an electric system High Flow Pump (15.8 lpm / 3.8 amps / 1.4 Bar) • Market leading showering submersible pump for flow performance

Portable Pump Kit
General Description:
Low voltage High Flow submersible pump Nozzle with adjustable on / off, one spray or jet of water 3.75m (12.5ft) clear hose 3.75m (12.5ft) cable with battery clips and cigar lighter connector Applications:- Wash down for Car, Caravan and Boat Pumping diesel Showering, spraying and garden watering Bilge / storm water clearance Filling on board water tank

Whale Deckplates
General Description:
•Watertight seal for thrudeck/bulkhead installations •Hard wearing plastic •Will not fade/discolour •Snap open/close catch allows lid to be secured For use with: Gusher Urchin, Gusher Titan, Gusher 10

Universal Pressure Pump 12 ltrs/min
General Description:
Multi purpose pressure demand pump.
  • Quiet operation
  • Runs dry without damage
  • Inlet strainer included
  • Quick Connect ports with adaptors included
  • Suitable for use with saltwater and freshwater
  • Self-priming up to 3m (10ft)
  • Smooth constant flow
  • Extra protection and safety with wires and pressure switch housed internally
  • Universal mounting arrangement fits any existing installation


Whale Float Switch
General Description:
Floatswitch Ideal for use with Electric Bilge Pumps Including Whale Supersub or Orca Ranges • Environmentally friendly - no toxic mercury • Easy to install mounted on either horizontal or vertical surface (e.g. bulkhead or hull) • Suitable for installations where amp draw is up to 15 amps • Compact design • Can be used as a high water bilge alarm (when vertically mounted)

Whale In-line Pressure Switch
General Description:
•Switches the pump on/off by detecting the change in pressure in the water system •Fits directly in Whale Quick Connect System •Recommended for use with Whale Submersible and In-Line pumps •Adjustable cut-in/cut-out pressure •Fits in line •Can be used in conjunction with Whale Elegance, Elite and TB faucets •One switch operates multi-outlet system •Enables water system to be converted to an efficient pressure controlled system

Whale Electric Field Sensor Switch
General Description:
• No moving parts to wear out or seals to leak • Ideal for use in controlling electric bilge pumps (12 to 24 V d.c.) • Senses water level and automatically controls the pump • Innovative switch design is sealed and solid - state • Protected from exposure to solvents or corrosion • Environmentally friendly - no toxic mercury • Up to 24 volts x 20 amps switching capacity

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